What Steps Should I Take to Choose the Right Real Estate Attorney for My Transaction?

Published October 22nd, 2023 by Klafehn, Heise & Johnson P.L.L.C.

Selecting the right real estate attorney is a crucial decision when navigating a property transaction. Whether you're buying or selling property, a skilled attorney can provide essential legal guidance to protect your interests. In this article, we'll outline the steps you should take to choose the right real estate attorney for your transaction. Klafehn, Heise & Johnson PLLC, based in Brockport, NY, is here to offer experienced legal support for your real estate needs.

Start Early

Don't wait until the last minute to find a real estate attorney. Begin your search early in the process, ideally when you decide to buy or sell property. This allows ample time to research and make an informed decision.

Seek Recommendations

Ask for recommendations from friends, family, or colleagues who have recently been involved in real estate transactions. Personal referrals can provide valuable insights into an attorney's professionalism and capabilities.

Your Get to Pick Your Attorney!

Realtors will often try to push you to use the attorney they like to work with, however, you are in charge of picking the attorney, not your realtor!  If you like working with a particular attorney, insist that your realtor send the matter to your attorney, regardless of what they think about it.

Research Online

Utilize online resources to research real estate attorneys in your area. Look for attorneys with experience in the specific type of transaction you're pursuing, whether it's residential, commercial, or another property type.

Check Credentials

Verify the attorney's credentials, including their education, years of experience, and any specific training in real estate law. Ensure they are licensed to practice in your state.

Schedule Consultations

Arrange consultations with potential attorneys. This is an opportunity to discuss your transaction, ask questions, and gauge their responsiveness and communication style. Many attorneys offer free initial consultations.

Ask About Experience

Inquire about the attorney's experience with transactions similar to yours. They should have a deep understanding of local real estate laws and potential challenges specific to your area.

Understand Fees

Discuss the attorney's fee structure upfront. Some attorneys charge a flat fee, while others bill hourly. Ensure you understand what services are covered by the fees and any additional costs.

Assess Compatibility

Consider the attorney's personality and whether you feel comfortable working with them. Clear communication and a good working relationship are vital during a property transaction.

Request References

Ask for references from past clients or reviews from reputable sources. This can provide insight into the attorney's track record and client satisfaction.

Review the Engagement Agreement

Before finalizing your choice, carefully review the engagement agreement, if applicable, including the scope of services, fees, and any specific terms or conditions. Ensure you understand and agree to the terms.

Choose Based on Fit

Ultimately, choose the attorney who best aligns with your needs and preferences. Consider their experience, communication style, and how well they address your concerns.

Selecting the right real estate attorney is a critical step in ensuring a smooth and legally sound property transaction. At Klafehn, Heise & Johnson PLLC in Brockport, NY, our team of experienced real estate attorneys is dedicated to guiding you through the complexities of your transaction. If you're in need of legal support for your real estate endeavors, contact us at (585) 637-3911 for a consultation.

Legal Disclaimer: This article provides general information about choosing the right real estate attorney for your transaction. It should not be construed as legal advice or a substitute for consulting with an attorney. Each real estate transaction is unique, and laws can vary from state to state. For specific legal advice and guidance tailored to your situation and circumstances, consult with the attorneys at Klafehn, Heise & Johnson PLLC. Portions of this account are considered ATTORNEY ADVERTISING under the New York State Unified Court System Rules of Professional Conduct (22 NYCRR Part 1200). Prior results do not guarantee a similar outcome.

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