Estate Probate and Administration

Probate can seem like a mysterious and complex ordeal left to families who have just experienced the loss of a loved one.

It does not have to be the nightmare that many believe it to be. With skilled representation carrying the legal burden and details, most estates can be probated in as little as seven months with minimal issues or concerns.

At Klafehn, Heise & Johnson PLLC, we assist families throughout Monroe and surrounding counties in the probate and administration of estates following the loss of a loved one. Our experienced lawyers provide clear guidance and representation throughout this process, handling and resolving any issues that might arise.  We work to take on as much of the work of administering the estate as possible to ease the burden on our clients.

To discuss how we might help you administer an estate as efficiently as possible, please contact the experienced estate probate and administration lawyers at Klafehn Heise & Johnson PLLC at our Brockport or Holley, New York offices today at 585-637-3911. 

After an individual has passed, his or her estate will likely go through either the probate or administration process, depending on the scope and type of assets he or she leaves behind, and depending on what planning documents, if any, the person had in place at the time of their death. We can also advise you on some simplified processes that can also be undertaken if the scope of the estate's assets is limited.  The court will oversee the distribution of the assets and fulfillment of the obligations of the estate. During this process, the following things, amongst many others, will occur:

  • All legal heirs/ of the estate will be notified;
  • An executor or administrator will be appointed by the court to administer the estate;
  • The executor or administrator will take inventory and custody of and value all assets of the estate;
  • All debts of the decedent will be prioritized, paid and accounted for;
  • The executor or administrator will arrange for the filing of personal income, estate income and estate tax returns, as needed; and
  • The remaining assets and property will be distributed to the estate's heirs.

Each estate is unique. Our probate attorneys are committed to assisting executors in the seamless probate or administration of an estate, no matter the complexities that might arise. That does not mean the process will be free of difficulties, but we will guide you each step of the way.  We are committed to right-sizing the approach we take to administering the estate to ease the related burdens and make the process as simple and affordable as possible.

We also provide flexible billing terms, most often with no retainer payment upfront.

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